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GO Sustainable Berlin

Mobile raised garden beds with integrated worm box

Sustainable nutrition can only succeed if there is a change in everyday diet and an increase in the appreciation of food. Transdisciplinary cooperation of all food consumers in different social settings is necessary for this.

Gardening and cooking unite people from different social backgrounds and cultures. Thus, growing one’s own food as well as processing it into delicious meals is an approach for living lab research and the urban transformation towards “Sustainable Food”.

Every household produces organic scraps which can be returned to the planetary nutrient cycle through composting. They are suitable as nutritious inputs for private food production. In urban areas, the availability for gardens is rare. Mobile raised garden beds with an integrated worm box are an alternative, as they can be used flexibly on sealed surfaces and can be adapted to e.g. temporary gardening sites. They can also be adapted to temporary urban wastelands or courtyards.

In the GO-Sustainable Berlin project, sustainable action can be experienced in a practical way by combining gardening and food cycling. Ecological, health-related, social, economic and cultural aspects are demonstrated; participants acquire skills for action. This enables Berlin citizens to become prosumers and implementers of the socio-ecological transformation. In this way, they contribute to the achievement of the global sustainability goals and shape their everyday (eating) life in a sustainable way.

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