Living Labs

Experiments for a liveable city

We would like to venture the thesis that the city of Berlin, in its diverse project landscape and through its different constellations of actors, can be interpreted as a real-world laboratory in the sense of the overall social task of urban transformation.

In this lived and tangible “laboratory situation”, the StadtManufaktur would like to create a proximity between the Technische Universität Berlin as a research and educational institution and the city or urban society of Berlin. We want to catalyse and further develop the transfer of research and development needs and results – with a focus on a liveable city and the development of transformative science.

There are windows of opportunities for transformation, which may open and close. Both, the city of Berlin in its current phase of development and the TU Berlin as an institution of a transformative science or respectively as an actor of a research with society, open these time windows for transformation.

We would like to use this opportunity to…

  • present the diversity of actors within the TU Berlin, their thematic characteristics and clusters.
  • form an umbrella or interface for shared discourses, i.e. discourses between education, research and urban society.
  • shape research and development needs, research and development results and, to some extent, education and training in a transdisciplinary way, as a lively discourse between university and city.
  • achieve a long-term approach to projects, a long-term approach to actors and a long-term approach to the discourse on transformation.
  • strengthen the genesis and communication of transformation knowledge and to contribute to the implementation of transformation strategies.
  • Thus, StadtManufaktur Berlin focuses on: scenarios and discourses for urban transformation, spaces and alliances of transformation as well as processes of experimentation as a social strategy.

Map of the living laps in Berlin

Living laps in Berlin by topic

Living Labs on the topic
of Energy and transport transition

Sustainable mobility concept Campus Charlottenburg
New Mobility Berlin
East-West bicycle street Schöneberg
Social Mobility Hub
Cycle track
Close mobility Wrangelkiez

Living Labs on the topic
of Climate resilience

GO Sustainable Berlin
Blue-Green Infrastructures (BGI
Urban Open Space +
Future for Neu-Hohenschönhausen
Climate art lab 21
social environment protection versus climate protection

Living Labs on the topic
of Transformation knowledge

Citizens create climate knowledge
Generating Common Grounds on the Move
Experience. Campus.

Living Labs on the topic
of Circular economy

House of Materialization

Campus Charlottenburg in focus

Sustainable mobility concept Campus Charlottenburg
Pavillon and knowledge trails