The BMBF-funded joint project Garden Services is entering its second phase. In the TU sub-project Reallabor Mobile Blue-Green Infrastructure, vertical hydroponic farms were set up in 2020-2021 in Berlin-Kreuzberg and in Berlin-Wedding in combination with local water recycling for local food production. In the second phase, further prototypes are now being implemented and consolidated: In addition to vertical farm modules for urban food production, the participatory-building multiplication of mobile reed beds according to the motto “Making climate together!” is aimed at. Through targeted cooperation with schools and educational institutions, blue-green farming and climate modules are linked with educational modules. Hands-on knowledge and skills are incorporated into educational formats and materials, showing easily doable ways to make cities edible and sponge cities. How water is stored and released, thus restoring the natural water cycle of precipitation and evaporation. In cooperation with the himmelbeet, the real laboratory “Designing Climate Parklets” is also taking place: Here, the team is researching how the principle of the “evaporation bed” can be successfully transferred to parklets. A parklet is a piece of street furniture with planters, sometimes also with seating, that is allowed to occupy a public parking space after successful approval. In this way, parklets promote green spaces close to homes for climate-adapted cities.

TU Berlin press release