Blue-green climate modules for the city


The BMBF-funded joint project GartenLeistungen is entering its second phase. In 2020-2021, vertical hydroponic farms in combination with local water recycling for local food production were set up in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Wedding in the TU Real Lab Mobile Blue-Green Infrastructure. In the second phase, further prototypes will now be implemented and consolidated.

Blue-green climate modules for the city2023-03-21T12:47:48+01:00

The future is when houses make the climate and the city becomes edible!


As part of Science Week, Berlin's Future Places will be showing important contributions from research and practice to shaping climate change in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region on Climate Day on 08.11.22. Impulsvorträge, Podiumsdiskussion und Projektmesse gestalten diesen Tag und es können Menschen ins Gespräch kommen, die sich für Fragestellungen und Lösungen zur Gestaltung des Klimawandels interessieren und/oder sich aktiv einbringen wollen.

The future is when houses make the climate and the city becomes edible!2023-03-21T12:32:11+01:00

Real-lab workshop: Shower-Tower 61


The Blue-Green Infrastructures (BGI) reallaboratory invites you to jointly inaugurate their freshly built Shower Tower 61, which is powered by shower water, on 07.07.2020.

Real-lab workshop: Shower-Tower 612023-03-21T11:32:47+01:00

POP Farm


Part of our discussion and work is the topic of infrastructure. What infrastructures does the city need? How does infrastructure change with regard to the climate resilient, the edible, the circular city? One of the first projects presented is our POP Farm - a prototype of ultra-local food production in the city. Visit us, see and taste for yourself!

POP Farm2023-03-21T11:26:28+01:00
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